Frederique Desrosiers Photography

A Magical Experience


Hey All,

My name is Frederique Desrosiers, I currently live in Chicago, IL and attend the University of Illinois at Chicago. I’m a political science major with a minor in African American studies. I hope to eventually go to law school and/or become a politician. I am currently a member of the UIC Honors College and various organizations on campus.


I started taking photos in a high school photography class, we did black and white film photography and I absolutely fell in love.  Everything about the class was fun to me. I started to take regular pictures of my friends with a SLR and then with my iPhone and eventually on a DSLR. My current style of photography started by accident. I just liked going to events with my camera and taking pictures of people, then people started asking me to take pictures of them and it really just took off after that. I take pictures of what I find beautiful, my art has a particular focus on black women. I think black women are extremely under valued and under appreciated. I want to use my art to uplift black women and girls and essentially make the statement that we are beautiful, we are worthy, and we are important.


There is something extremely satisfying in taking people’s pictures. Usually people tend to try and bring their best selves to the camera, and I think it’s interesting to see what that is for each person. You can tell what they love about themselves by seeing if they smile with teeth or by the way they move their body or play with their hair. Every person has something that they love about themselves the most and being able to capture that confidence in them really makes all the difference. Photography has a way of making our best moments, our best selves immortal, and when you see them they make you happy, nostalgic or maybe even a little sad, but thats the power of a photo. That’s what I love.